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Coconut Coir Facts
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Coconut Coir Products Facts

I. Cocopeat

Cocopeat or Coir Peat or Coco Dust are mostly used for growing medium in Horticultural Planting or Greenhouse Growers. Cocopeat also can be functioning as Soil Conditioner and Soil Erosion Reducer if applied regularly.

Advantages of using Cocopeat.

= Improve water holding capacity up to 750 % by weight
= Helps to retain fertilizer in plant roots
= Helps root development in compacted and hard soil
= Helps neutralizing pH of acidic soil
= Weed free
= High air porosity
= Economical compared to peat moss

II. Cocofiber.

Cocofiber or Coconut Coir Fiber are natural fiber taken from coconut husk then cleaned and compressed into bales mostly used as raw material for Car Seat filler, Furniture, Car Dashboard, Geo-Textile, Erosion Control, Rope, Packaging, etc.

IIa. Needle felted Coir Fiber Sheet.

Coir Fiber Sheet is processed cocofiber formed into sheet using needle felt machine used for Car Seat, Spring Bed, etc.
Available in Natural Sheet and Ruberized Sheet (sprayed with Natural Latex).

Advantages of using Cocofiber

= Heat Retardant.
= Biodegradable.