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Coconut Coir Fiber and Peat Products

Our Coconut Fiber and Coir Peat are produced from Mountain coconuts of Indonesia to ensure lowest Salt contain before further processed and cleaned

Our Products Catalog

Coconut Coir Fiber Products

Cocofiber Bale Size 70  x  70  x 100 cm -  Weight 35 kg

Coconut Coir Fiber in Bales

Coconut Fiber After Processed, Before pressing

Unpressed Coconut Coir Fiber

Coco Fiber Needle Felted Sheet

Needle Felted Coir Sheet / Mattres

Coconut Coir Peat and Husk Chips

Cocopeat Block Size 30 x 30 x 15 cm

Bricked Coconut Coir Peat

Various Products From Coconut Husk

Coco Husk Chips & Coco Shell Charcoal

Cocofiber Rope, 2 Strand

Cocofiber Rope

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